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  1. but nice video

  2. ok

  3. Mr.clasher i want to start a coc YouTube channel…..plz tell me how to start….tell me how to make intro,how to edit and other stuff that u use to make ur videos!plz help me bro

  4. Loving ur videos recently

  5. Nic logo! ??

  6. Hey Clasher, Whats your royale clan? Im lvl 5 would like to join. Starting to do some royale gameplay soon and I need a clan lmao

  7. WOW BRO. Tell ya boy Thadd said Extremely clutch lavaloon 2.!!! Thanks for putting that Huge trophy offer up. When watching that attack it blows my mind how over powered that one was. Great job on the video.

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  8. Can I join ur clan in royal clash

  9. Mr clasher I left ur clan cause My brother Said he Is stronger Then me so invite me back Please I can't join back I'm level 5 and 600 something trophies Now and I'm anime from the clan

  10. Do u get a notification if someone comments because u r active also I saw ur clan I suck compared to u guys? in only level 84

  11. Nice video, you are great at making videos. I will definitely tell my friends about your channel

  12. Nice attack!

  13. subscribe for 50 years of good luck

  14. I hope you all enjoyed a few of these epic raids! If we can smash 50 likes that would be epic! #ClashofClans

  15. Mr clasher I meant to say sorry

  16. Wnt clasher can i ever join your clan ?

  17. nice video

  18. Damn sick attack