Clash Of Clans Top 3 BEST Town Hall 8 TH8 Defense Strategy WAR/TROPHY/HYBRID Base Design 2016

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  1. Song request= Darude Sandstorm

  2. What do you use to record on iOS?

  3. 3:22 to 3:23 there was a builder

  4. good to see you gozo

  5. nice

  6. look like by charlie sloth,jmc,jadekiss,stormzy

  7. I'll join your clan in CR!!!

  8. At 3:23 in the video therese was an builder

  9. great video man keep it Up

  10. #TH8HybridBase

  11. My heart by Different heaven

  12. Hay Gozo I really like your videos!! 🙂 what's the first song called ?? I've liked it and I've been a subscriber for a while 🙂 I'm th8 and I'm pushing to masters league from bronze and I'm in gold 1!! Thanks bro 🙂 What's The First Song Called ? Thanks Again

  13. Song Request :Keep it mellow by marshmallows. May sound crappy but just listen to it

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  15. +Gozo can i get a shout out in next video please ???

  16. hey why were you inactive

  17. holy cow my like button worked 5 mins later after I pressed it

  18. +gozo coc I tweeted in twitter watch it

  19. +gozo coc I tweeted in twitter watch it

  20. base th 5&6 hybird pls

  21. It's goog to be back boys :D

  22. 2 love your vids

  23. Best bases