“Clash of clans Top 5 Farming Troops” (Tips for Best compositions)

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  1. awesome video godson! great for low and high players also how do you use
    music without copyright?

  2. when youre using barch. you wont come to the storages….

  3. can i have a YEAAA?

  4. Fuck masterov

  5. Great video Godson! Keep up the great work you’re awesome!!

  6. There are 5 troops in this top… and Clash of Clans has 2 Inferno
    Towers… 5-2=3… there are 3 X-Bows in this game… and in Town Hall 7
    you have 2 Teslas… 7-2=5… five again… all this maths mean one

  7. i drooped a lighting spell on your like Button

  8. How does 3 spells of the same take up 5 spaces?

  9. Why the B.A.G IS NOT INCLUDED barbs, archers, goblins

  10. is minion golbin archer barb and wall breakers decent?

  11. Can anyone tell me how godson uses these nintendo themes without getting
    copyright strikes

  12. Since the only purpose of this game is to steal peoples resources, wouldn’t
    these just be ‘best troops’. 

  13. thx godson now i am farming

  14. tier 1 troops are better than barch

  15. where is modified barch? (barch with wall breakers and gints)

  16. 0:12-0:48 .. Please .. what is a music?

  17. whats your clan name?

  18. Another great video Godson :)

  19. I’m lvl 94 player with lvl 9 TH.. my farming combo is always 96 barbies, 96
    archies, 4 wizzies, 6 wall breakers, and not to forget, my BK and AQ…
    They’re brewed pretty quickly, and I carry 4 lightning spells with me that
    I use only in emergency.. With this combo, in gold 1-2 league I get 1-2
    stars and decent loots (at least 250k-300k gold & elixir total). 

  20. Thank yoy for these tips,it helped me a lot bro ?

  21. Why don’t you use go lens when your farming

  22. HEy GODSON keep doin wat your doin no matter what is going on. i going to
    continue watching. i be a subscriber to you channel for a long time so i
    aint going to stop now