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  1. btw in 2012 when the game was released there could be 2 leaders I believe that they both have not left the clan since then so thats why…..they r not hacking

  2. I think it's stupid that you said the farmers clan is strange because they could of just written that in there description

  3. there was an unskipable add 2mins long dunno if i can be bothered

  4. why does this game seem to be dying during this month

  5. there were 3 leader but one of them was banned i think

  6. supercell give us a dark mode I want it to be night on my base

  7. Foster the core is my clan!!!

  8. gem mines

  9. Supercell please add another dark elixer pump for town hall 7

  10. I once attacked a higher town hall with no walls or defenses just heroes and full loot

  11. Dude. He war log says 0.0% for everything.

  12. like goblin king or valkrikre queen

  13. Start playing clash royale again
    ur video are getting boring for me plz play clash royale

  14. Builder hut boost should be a thing

  15. sneak peak new hero like tony

  16. They should care more about lower town halls

  17. They aren't going to give us another hero until th13. Th7_king th9_queen th11_warden

  18. #suppercell give us a new hero

  19. #SupercellGiveUsGemMines

  20. superset give us daily challenges and lower level people can use stuff like pekkas!!!! # bless up

  21. reduced wall cost


    who saw the advertisement?

  23. i saw a clan with 120,000 troops donated but invite only and 4000 trophies

  24. and i woched general Tony chanel for a year or 2

  25. new hero

  26. Tony you need to change your intro because it is getting a bit boring.

  27. My god tony.. lol so much yo dont know xD

  28. OVER 9000

  29. For a new hero it could be a leprechaun that you upgrade it with gold

  30. it will be great if goblin king join us in COC..

  31. il make vids soon I need subs or views

  32. #prayforcoc

  33. when's the update coming out?

  34. #PlsGiveUsTheUpdate

  35. #Pray4Update

  36. Supercell please give us a hero for th 8

  37. Wow I'm early reply to me to me tony

  38. Please give us new things

  39. Supercell plz give us a bomb that can do damage not only to ground troops also to air troops

  40. I want gems

  41. gt mistplay and cashforapps dont work

  42. Supercell give us clan war tournaments for gems and bigger loot.

  43. Tony non of the ppl in the Lima clan have a th

  44. I'm going to kill you for singing…

  45. i want to ask you tony why in one video it shows how much there is health left for the heroes and in other it doesnt??

  46. sorry I mean utube

  47. #supercell please give us new heroes

  48. #supercellgiveusnewtownhalls

  49. Tony I love you you are one of the best coc player on iTunes in my opinion and how do you get really good loot and I am th7 nearly half way through for getting the king ?