Clash of Clans – TOP TEN Clan – Tips for a Successful Clan

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  1. why you dont create your own clan and rise it to top

  2. The fact that a lot of people are trying to dump trophies, there're way more trophies available in the game.

  3. Clash is too old for new clans

  4. +Razali Zulhilmi learn some grammar please

  5. what is a sister clans name and could I join it

  6. I am glad for you trophy pushers, but farmers are being ignored and screwed

  7. CAM GOT HIS OWN AD…..WELL HIS ATTACK DID.??✌??????????????????

  8. when are you gonna show post nerphed witch raids????

  9. nearly at 1 million subs, congrats man! keep up the great work
    ~ greets from Germany

  10. There's sth about trophies that keeps cracking my mind. If, every time you get trophies, someone loses the same amount that you gained, is there a finite amoun of trophies in the clash universe? I mean, in order to push, you have to take people's trophies, so if there were only 2 players in clash (both with 100 cups for ex) it would be impossible for them to reach 20p trophies without putting the other one to 0. Since trophies are never generated, how to so many people have thousands of trophies? Like, when the game started there were a few players, and when the game grew, how did all thos trophied get there??

  11. czech republik?
    I live in germany:)

  12. My profile is Pewdiepie

  13. Who else likes all of galadon's videos before watching them?

  14. What is your clan name

  15. Galadon and Spencer 23$ should team up and make videos with each other from time to time.

  16. You forgot to mention punclashing

  17. Who's the leader?

  18. you were in 8 th

  19. Congrats to lost phoenix!!

  20. how to have a succesful clan: gather as many gemmers as you can. They will gem right after a new th comes out. it will be easier to push. they will get to top 10 easily. thats my advice