Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Base Setup ♦ 4 Replays ♦ CoC TH11 War Trophy Hybrid Base Design Strategy

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  1. man thanks for the site!!! I like getting ideas off stuff like that

  2. Mano, eu quero crescer no youtube, do mesmo jeito que eu sei que vc e outros querem também, então eu jáá deixei o meu likee maroto, e me inscrevi no canal, se der RTB lá no meu, valeu?

  3. great base bro, looks like its working well

  4. Nice video man! Keep it up, I'll definitely be watching all of your future content!

  5. Nice :D


  7. Nice one I have being getting some go defence wins in the last week must be the time of the year lol Nice Video Bro

  8. loving the base right now man. but still stuck at townhall 8

  9. Subbed! Is having 6 Xmass trees from 2015 amazing?

  10. maybe one day can come up with a new design for th8;)!!!I know u have all them others! done them lol

  11. very nice Capt!!!!

  12. Peaceful music while your base being attacked and builders screaming, yup just a casual day

  13. Love the base but im not a townhall 11 rip :(

  14. nice :)

  15. Awesome!

  16. it's hard find clans that are active ain't they

  17. Early!