Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Defense (CoC TH4) BEST Farming Base Layout Defense Strategy

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  1. @GamerBoyZ _ this is a farming base, In Farming Base the Protection around
    your resource storage is higher than other base, and also placing your
    townhall outside will help you to get free shield in exchange of 7-9
    trophies,people will attack your townhall destroy it then they leave (you
    will get attack like this most of the time) and you will get free shield
    every time,you can always get trophies by attacking others, so that’s a
    cheap price to pay for a free shield and your resource are safe too and
    they are well protected

  2. Today i will try this! Thanks! :D

  3. What is the difference between trophy, farm, and hybrid base setup?

  4. @ αλέξανδρος σαριδης – message me in youtube about this

  5. Great job but maybe you must protect the town hall.

  6. I think i used the same base layout for my th5 war base. And it was the
    strongest th5 war base i ever had. It had the th in middle instead of
    mortar aand each compartment had 3 (i guess) structures.) if you have seen
    it, then do you have a link for it? ty

  7. Wow bro you are so patient I don’t know how many times you had to explain
    the different types of bases!? I mean yeah some people don’t know this
    information that’s why they ask! But can’t some people read other comments
    before posting hahah 

  8. yo dude i used this base for one of my videos but i credited you in the
    beginning of the description! You can comment saying “Check out my channel
    here” if you want but other than that i love your channel dude it’s growing
    really fast hahah good luck :)

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  10. Nice

  11. It works thx

  12. Dummy the town hall will get wrecked easily

  13. where should i put my 3rd builder’s hut. can u tel me ples?

  14. Music name pls?


  15. Give townhall to enemies and protect the resources.. nice strategy 🙂 thx a

  16. thx i won 200 trophy from this base…….

  17. Thanks so much this base really works!! I need to upgrade my defences for
    full effect, but opponents have only mangeged under 20% thanks so much

  18. y cuando destruyen el ayuntamiento ganan un estrella

  19. Ez TH5

  20. I want 

  21. WOAH! what was that? Omg ballons. Bye bye base. Lol