Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Defense (CoC TH4) BEST Hybrid Base Layout Defense Strategy

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  1. @ jose favela – I used my townhall 5 to record this video but i only used
    townhall 4 items, thanks

  2. I Used This As My Base Design 5People That were OP Tried To RAID me but my
    defence won thanks man +1 sub


  4. =================================================================
    Clan # 1
    Clan Name: GameDiceHD 456
    Clan Tag : #9LCL22CG
    Clan # 2
    Clan Name: GameDiceHD 678
    Clan Tag : #POQG9YRU

  5. @Mostafa Ali – when you reach th5 check this playlist –

  6. U dont get that many walls in town hall level 4 -_- im in town hall level 4
    and i have bought all my walls and i dont have that many

  7. @Tom Aung – Use Farming Base if you want to protect loots

  8. Great vid man! U helped me a lot!

  9. @Ahmed Omer yeah my town hall was lvl5, but i only used items that
    available in town hall 4,count them please if you have doubt

  10. This is a good th4 hybrid base, but why can I never find a th4 hybrid base
    with the clan castle inside?!

  11. Hybrid Base , Farming Base , Trophy Base and ofcourse troll base lool ,what
    is the deference

  12. is this base good? can anyone confirm?

  13. I’m good at star wars commander but this i cant get the top shape right it
    looks close but something feels off

  14. dude your awesome and i subscribed to your channel ^^

  15. Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  16. Why evryone likes this more than trophy base?? Both looks strong cant
    decide !

  17. This is really great I have 2 accounts and I use ur bases for both

  18. That’s town hall 5 lol

  19. this helped me a lot

  20. Would this be good to go into a clan war with, reply ASAP please.

  21. Then where we will keep the clan castle

  22. its effective THANKYOU

  23. This base is not the best base

  24. thnks *(1 sub )

  25. Im gonna try and help those who keep saying, but your th is lvl 5 and
    archer towers are lvl 6…Dont look at what level his things are, he is
    showing a town hall 4 layout, meaning he is using the amount of items town
    hall 4 allows you to have, for example 3 barracks, 75 walls, 2 cannons, 2
    archer towers, 1 mortar, 2 army camps, 4 of each resource collector, 2 of
    each resource storages, a air defence, laboratory and traps. so again dont
    look at the level of his things its the amount of things lol