Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Defense (CoC TH4) BEST War Base Layout Defense Strategy

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  2. Wow ! thank you ! :)

  3. looks like its impossible to three star

  4. This was uploaded on my bday! Thx :)

  5. Bout to start a clan war, hopefully it works

  6. I am starting a clan war with this base. Hope it goes well, In previous
    wars they got 2 stars on my base, wish me luck :)

  7. +Azzam Alnatsheh use farming/hybrid base normally and use war base in clan

  8. Using this base as my active village got alot of trophies thank you

  9. Which one of ur war base layout for town hall level 4 is most effective
    because u guys have so many I can’t decide plz help im always getting
    raided and they’ll get such a big loot from me 

  10. Most of the buildings are outside the walls so it would be easy to get a
    50%.. Thats just what I think tho

  11. gooooooog I LIKE THAT’S!!

  12. Change the music

  13. Praise mute button

  14. I did this base and people won just because all the things on the outside

  15. @ jacek uustal you are welcome :)

  16. Thank you soooooooooooooo much this will really help me out.

  17. Bro thx I hope this will help me 

  18. Unlike many other people I didn’t set this up as my first war base, as my
    first war was at TH3 (Nobody won an attack on me) and since then I have
    gotten up to a max TH4, and my first war in that Town Hall level, hopefully
    it goes well :)

  19. Hey man thanks I have a person in my clan who used to triple wall her TH
    and put the defences outside (groan) now I showed her this and she only
    gets three stared by top 5 appreciate a lot

  20. what is are troops you should put in a army camp that only holds 70

  21. please tell me the trance name

  22. Thanks To This Video! I know this will work even our clan leader doesn’t
    put me into war! still thanks to this!

  23. Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Defense (CoC TH4) BEST… :