Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Defense BEST CoC TH5 Hybrid Base Layout Defense Strategy

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  1. im anish sunita's son . there is no walls left for cannon???

  2. thanks!

  3. It's a good base but it kind of looks like a swastika

  4. but i dont have another buldier hut???

  5. cool music

  6. nice base

  7. do you have a twitter I can follow btw base is awsome

  8. i need more gems how do i get?

  9. Noice noice man

  10. Thanks I realy needed that

  11. It's a swastica!!!!!!

  12. awesome i love it

  13. pretty sure thats a swastica

  14. hopefully this base will work for me.

  15. thanks man for this I needed a idea to get my defense good

  16. Best base ever

  17. this really works

  18. subbed, great work man

  19. my TH has been upgraded recently, from TH4 hybrid base that you guys posted, which one should i follow for a hybrid base?, this one or the other one that you guys provided?

  20. It works