Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Defense (CoC TH6) BEST Hybrid Base Layout Defense Strategy

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  1. @ manpreet singh – if you have 2 builder huts, then don’t place that left
    builder hut

  2. Hey bro! When you’ll upload the farming base design of TH6 with Air
    Sweeper? I’m wait for it! :)

  3. Does this base work with tougher enemy.. because my trophies are 1400.. 

  4. and what about air sweeper!!??

  5. @ Brittney Rose – you are welcome :)

  6. I wish there was a way for that third archer tower to be inside walls ;-; I
    also need a spot for the air defense 

  7. Wish u had the update with the air sweeper?|:

  8. I noticed you didnt place the air sweeper where does one place this in
    their base ? i have mine temporarily abvoe the archer tower at the top of
    my base is this okay

  9. Hey guys, if you want to add Air sweeper, remove the Giant Bomb then
    replace it with the Air Sweeper. Replace the 3rd builder with the Giant
    Bomb :)

  10. U need to stop cutting of the sides and showing the whole screen

  11. Muito Rui o layout

  12. can this be used for war ?

  13. im th 6 and i have a spare archer tower and not enough wall

  14. Dude gamedice I have crush his name Karina Isabel d. Aries

  15. ดีเเละควย

  16. I dont know where to put my air sweeper since they still hadnt added it

  17. What about air swepper

  18. thanks

  19. your so good man :)

  20. Dude all u have is town hall 5 maxed out stuff!UPGRADE

  21. Just made this base

  22. obrigado gostei da vila e uso ela e o layout e muito bom

  23. cc in base is better than cannon or archer tower, cc must be in base

  24. I keep losing battles with this base :(