Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Defense (CoC TH6) BEST War Base Layout Defense Strategy

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  1. @ My Name Is Jeff – the 3rd builder is on top, thanks :)

  2. I love your bases and everyone else does to

  3. No one likes videos with this music 

  4. @ jerome caasi – you are welcome :)

  5. Thnx game dice its an awesome layout 

  6. Where dafuq is the air sweeper??

  7. Nice

  8. @yosef essa – thanks a lot :)

  9. Thank you

  10. Where is the Air sweeper?

  11. Join my Clan…. The nobles…..
    Tag- #980LJGJC

  12. air sweeper?!

  13. I am having the same base opposote to me in clan war
    suggest me how to destroy it

    my strategy is taking 12 lv 3 giants 1 healer two lv 3 heal spell 10 lv 3
    wb 46 lv 3 arch
    and 4 lv 5 hogs
    m thinking of dropping hogs from left side and giants and healer from right

    suggest corrections

  14. Ive tried to build this base at th6 and ran out of walls doing the last
    archer ar the back?????

  15. @ David Huang – the hybrid one

  16. thanks really love this base!

  17. You’re my mentor now!HAHAHAHA. This strategy improves my base! Thank you so
    much! Worth watching! :)

  18. @SnakeGrowh hi

  19. Does anyone know from experience of using this base if it works well?

  20. There is no air sweeper Dood can u make one with air sweeper but I can say
    You can get a Sub for that good base

  21. Rusher alert..i repeat RUSHER ALERT!!!