Clash of clans – Town hall 7 Farming base (TH7 Hybrid) – New update 3rd Air Defense 2016

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  1. Someone copied your base and uploaded video. the title of the video ist in spanish, has the words diseño and ayuntamiento in it. You csn easily find it by searchin th7 in youtube and selecting "this week" in the time filters

  2. You used 1 more spring trap than there should be, faggot

  3. Thats stiupid…. Why th7 have 3 air deff… I'm th8 and I m not happy with this….if th7 have 3 air defense, th8 should have 4 air defences….If you have noticed, th8 is discriminated in all updates…Th9 got freeze spells, th7 got 3 air defences and for the th8 – No shit..

  4. hello sir jack i request for next video for th8 🙂 please hehe thank you

  5. can you make war base for TH7 with 3 air def pls

  6. TH7 War Base Pls Jack With The 3rd Air Defense!!!

  7. Th7.5 farming base please

    -3 wiz tower
    -3 Air Defense
    -3 Storages of each
    -And all new stuff unlocked( no defenses except for the extra wiz tower
    and air defense

  8. Bro, i love you, all bases th7 are very good and this base is incredible, thanks!!! ;)

  9. almacenes muy afuera?

  10. you forgot The seconde hidden tesla

  11. plz make th7 anti drag base

  12. when we get the war base Jack?It is more important.

  13. war base please? thanks!

  14. Please do hybrid :3

  15. can you do a th8 hybrid base?

  16. please th8

  17. Could you make a good 8.75(TH9 with no X-Bows) farming base please.. I don't find much decent ones

  18. do a th8 base for dark elisir please… your bases are the best

  19. th9

  20. Hello Jack. I hope you can do TH 6 Hybrid and War Base. Thanks a lot.

  21. Thanks guy✌

  22. Can you make a different th7 farming base plss ????

  23. TH8

  24. TH8

  25. TH 8

  26. the. for the base I stopped the video after you put all buildings down and I got the traps perfect

  27. + I JACK SPARROW COC do a th8 hybrid base or farming base that protect the dark elixir please

  28. Th8 Farming base

  29. Got to download this. Thanks for sharing. ?

  30. Damn sorry guys i forgot the air bombs, put them next to the air defenses

  31. the replays? :'v

  32. hayyyyy

  33. +I Jack Sparrow CoC You forgot the air bombs

  34. 2

  35. Th6 with 2 air defenses will be updated soon!

  36. first