Clash of Clans | Town Hall 7 (TH7) Hybrid Farming Base Design | 30% – 12h Shield Base [ CoC Update]

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  1. It is not so good

  2. And got 3 stared

  3. this base is good man!! Thanks a lot!! this is as close as farming as it's going to get. I'm a max out TH7 and in Crystal league 3… town hall 8's have trouble getting my loot and two stars, that's how good it is. I've only gottten 3 stared twice but that's because those guys used 3 lighting spells on an air defense/9 dragons and some balloons.
    I'm now moving to th8 but I will continue to use this base man:)Thanks a lot.

  4. I lost 17 trophies from the first attack

  5. Who tried it is it good

  6. Thanks bro

  7. whats ur clan name, so u can help me in my base, my name is the beast

  8. ok bro

  9. a better one

  10. can u make a th 7 farming base with the new update

  11. Good base:-)

  12. So some feedback on the recent replays ive had. Pretty much eradicates giant based armies, they ussually get around 50-56% and goblins get at most 2 storages. All attackers have attacked from the bottom so of course they have gotten the th. Also all attackers were a minimum using lvl 4 troops. So far this base been very successful. A couple mass drags and gowipes were performed 1 was a 2 star and the rest 3 stars but no th7 can defend tht. Props to this base man been doin rlly well for a mini farming southern teaser. ?

  13. Great work Jaso! I have an alt account at th6 right now, it will be hitting th7 quite soon and I'll be sure to use this or another th7 layout of yours fir it when the time comes. Great work, please keep it up, and as always, glhf! :D

  14. great bases jaso really loving your content deffs subbing, just wondering if there are any good th8 anti gowipe bases as ive tried it all and the best that ever comes is a 2 star. (btw near max th8 apart from just walls)

  15. Can you make something like that for th8 please?

  16. bro!!!! the hybrid base for th9 is not working on property on any attack plzzz… try to do something make the best base like u would make earlier.

  17. nice base!

  18. can you do these at th9

  19. ty for the design jaso i love u bro :)

  20. Thanks Jaso! You're the best :)