Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Defense – Trophy / War Base Layouts

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  1. Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 – Follow a Few Fundamentals For Effective
    Defense! #ClashofClans @ClashofClans

  2. What about a video on how to counter that skeleton trap using a gowipe. :D

  3. I thought godson and galadon were the same people just found out there not

  4. Yay, before watching this video I just upgraded my barracks to get PEKKAs
    in 6 days

  5. Definitely gonna use jacks base too hold of those dragons in war!

  6. Hey where should I place my second dark elixir drill?

    the base is really cool I want to use it!

  7. Really cool bases for TH8!But Galadon I would like some bases for TH7
    because I am still TH7

  8. If anyone is looking for a th8 farming base, search for
    Clan : #2COPOPCY
    Name : FreshTillDeath

  9. Hey where should I place my second dark elixir drill?

    the base is really cool I want to use it!

  10. Galadon I have made a very great th8 4 mortar base. It has been around for
    about a week. Everyday I log in to about 50 trophies. I’ve never been
    defeated yet. I was wondering if u can feature it for people to use. It
    would be great! If yes I will reply giving you my In Game Info To Check It

  11. Masz 70+ lvl, maxujesz wszystko przed updatem TH, jesteś ambitny i chcesz
    wspierać Polskę w COC? Zapraszamy do klanu ‘Reprezentacja’

  12. Hey just a question galadon. I’ve created a TH8 war base and its been
    extremely successful. Ive had it for a very long time and I get attacked
    just about every single war. It has only been 3 starred once and has won
    countless defenses against mass dragon attacks. I also recently was
    attacked by a TH9 with maxed balloons and an archer queen and he could only
    1 star me. it is designed so when enemies attack from the bottom they are
    doomed to fail. it also is great because balloons and dragons often fly
    around the air defenses. if you could visit my clan SATANS FIST (roughly 35
    members, the leader is CH4RLIE BEAR which is me) that would be awesome
    and u can use the base in any videos you like. If that’s not possible I
    could send you a screenshot of the base if you like. I really am proud of
    it, I designed it myself and it’s working amazingly. thanks!

  13. First, galadon, I only have 7 more elixir upgrades for TH9!!!!

  14. Galadon. Hello. Your videos are great! Do u give me a favor pls? I’m th8
    and Im stuck at crystal 2, I want to go to MASTER LEAGUE. Pls give me some

  15. last base would get raped by HOGS

  16. Galadon how can I join one of the lp clans?

  17. can you show me the layout of jack of lp6 minotour the traps and teslas
    placements :)

  18. Hi Galadon, i didnt know if u read this or not, but if there any chance u
    see my comment, i want to ask.. Can i get the speedbase build of the last
    TH8 anti-dragon shown in the video? So i can figure out all the traps
    placement. Thanks!

  19. What about th 7??:(

  20. th7 next please 

  21. i have a question : i switched my coc device already once and i want to do
    it again… but some people say you can only switch once is that true and
    if yes can i deactivate one of my old coc devices? thanks 🙂 

  22. Good !!
    I like this Base !

    Like + Abo ;)!

  23. The base by dudguy is one i created. Checkout my channel and look at my th8
    southern teaser base.

  24. make a layout for town hall 7, hybrid! 

  25. Im trying to join one of the LP5 clans but they won’t accept me im a th8
    farming IGN Cloud im almost maxed th8 exept tesla walls bombs and i have
    max elixir upgrades expt pekka plz help gally