Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 or Town Hall 9? ♦ Clan War Confusion ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. i dont get fraction

  2. I am a6.5

  3. It is this easy simply because the clan you were against sucks. They need to have maxed th8 defenses and max th9 troops to get the most out of this startegy

  4. I use 4 earthquake spells with my gowipe attack along with 8 max balloons and I successfully three star well upgraded th9s

  5. its town hall 7.5

  6. Galadon all your clans dont even know how to attack even your th8s are using gowipe.

  7. i always dislike these kinds of people. its sort of cheating, and takes the fun out of war when you get an unfair matchup

  8. Th 8.4

  9. i think they were th 7.9

  10. fractional town hall levels are stupid, just attack a low guy that's it. Fractional two hall level are for idoits

  11. Hey guys, need you opinions. Im going to TH9. im only going to be building my AQ, and the obvious offensive upgrades (Lab, Army Camps, Spell Factory etc). Should i build my NEW walls i get and level them up to skulls?

  12. Defence/Offence/Town Level, so:
    Base 6/8/9
    Mine is 8/9/9
    Rushed base is 5/4/9

  13. ♦️?♦️

  14. Town hall fractions are just an excuse for town hall rushing don't you think?

  15. Just came out with my first YouTube video for Clash of Clans 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Lol that wasn't a serious war clan… they were rushed bases, TH8.5/9.5 have maxed defense from the previous town hall, not from like town hall 5

  17. smh.. all gowipers…

  18. Cam also had a video about town hall eight point five

  19. I still watch ur videos even though I'm town hall 7 like if u are the same

  20. no way it would help the war