Clash of Clans | Town Hall 8 (TH8) Hybrid Farming Base Replays | 30% – 12h Shield Base [CoC Update]

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  1. so far 74 :D

  2. greaat dud afeneral tony

  3. Epic video Jaso keep it up buddy

  4. Is there a speed build for this?

  5. Nice Base Bro

  6. Ive been using this base in master 3 for a while now and often th 9s cant even 1 star me cuz the wizards in the cc are not lurable. Great base jaso

  7. nice replays a th 9 also failed on a th 8 that the shame part GJ jaso

  8. Great job! These replays look more or less like the ones I've experienced with this base! One exception is the hog attack I mentioned previously. I'm really happy with how well this southern teaser turned out and I give you my deepest thanks. As always, great work on the video and glhf! :D

  9. Yo Jaso i would recommend swapping the 2 wizard towers with the storages next to it and also the mortars with the storages next to it so that all of the storages are next to each other in the middle. just a suggestion cause it works for me :)

  10. Nice :D

  11. jaso can you make a video about th9 clanwar attacking strategies

  12. This base sucks. Can easily be 3 starred by gowipe..

  13. Im getting 2 starred ez with this base…

  14. sorry about that jaso but, you didn' t try this base in crystal league…..and…..3 stars are insured?????

  15. thanks

  16. great base jaso can you make a speed bulid so we can copy <thank you

  17. hello

  18. I ussed this base right after it cames out but i only got attacked 7 times by this base: 5 decence win + 12 hour shield th8 and th 8.5! 2 defence lost with only 1 star and they wear th9!

  19. (Br) Como tiro a captura de tela?

  20. can you post the base build? thanks