Clash of clans – Town hall 8 (TH8) War Base Anti Air/Dragon/Balloon

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  1. Dude, please make more Th8.75 bases. U make some really good designs and was wondering if u could make some more or these? Thanks.

  2. I could get three stars with dragons… 2 lighting 1 quake, a rage and its ez pz

  3. This is a neat base. It annoys me to see so many jackasses in the comments going "THIS BASE WOULD LOSE TO ALL OF THESE ATTACKS THAT WE WILL MENTION THAT ARE GROUND ATTACKS"
    Title CLEARLY SAYS "ANTI AIR". Awesome base Jack

  4. make a base for inactive people ( protected mines and collectors )

  5. اقوه تصميم شفته بحياتي عاشت ايدك اخوك من العراق

  6. bad base actually, easy 3 star if you do a gohog by the south but good anti air base though

  7. De cv 8

  8. Th 7 :-)

  9. jack… can u share base th9 anti spell earthquake..? my base th9 wall level 10 raid 79% vs th9 in base war…pliss…

  10. Govaloon or holo ?… But this base is interesting

  11. i like ur bases, but this is a very bad base when attacked using gowipe and rage + 4 earthquake spells..

  12. only 1 replay about air attack because this is anti air, people was afraid of attacking by air troops on this base

  13. am a big fan of your th9 base where there is around 50 walls behind it that base is awesome but i don't really like this one

  14. you say anti air and this base is so dam easy, and why you say anti air when you only show us 1 replay

  15. town hall9

  16. I loved this base.. Thanks jack please added a trophy master base okay..