Clash of Clans – Town hall 8 (Th8) War Base + Defense REPLAY – ANTi GoWipe ANTi Dragon ANTi Hog

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  1. not enough walls!

  2. حلو

  3. Hey! I'm on Kik – my username is "titlehornet"

  4. Do you normally leave the skeleton traps set for air or ground? Looks like they switch back and forth in the defense videos.

  5. I already have that base XD did you copy it from a other youtuber xD

  6. I am enjoy the base,..enjoy the music,..enjoy the replay,..yoo mate,.you're really rock dude!!!!!!!!! awesome and amaze with your idea,..already save this replay for my collection,..i do hope you're don't mind,..4 thumbs up to you buddy!!! really love it,..thanks!!!!!!

  7. That was one shit hog attack.

  8. Best bases I can ever get from here. I started with the th7 bases and now I'm here, thx

  9. I set this base up for war to give it a shot, but nobody attacked me! Lol. My match was a rushed th 9 with th 7 defenses and troops, so we'll see next war. Check out my clan THE TERRORIANS™ clan tag; #8YG2VVL. Check out our Facebook page Clash of Clans The Terrorians official clan page.

  10. this base is good if it is being attacked by another th8 but it doesn't stand a chance against th9. I was easily 3 starred with 34 hogs. But still keeping it nonetheless, it is the best base I've come across by far.

  11. this is the best th8 war base

  12. it's been working like a charm. thx

  13. The first replay was becuase the guy droped the pekka too early did not funnel

  14. I try this base but I got 3 star … my enemy use earthquake ez 3s

  15. don't get me wrong I like the base, but that first attack was an especially bad gowipe

  16. The first one works I used it and they got 0 stars from thanks a lot dude

  17. woah I thought you were a gonner at 13:57 good job

  18. This base is OP. I defend against 3 dragon attacks, all level 3 dragons. Someone with 220 troop space attacked me with 11 dragons and only got a star. Thank you

  19. This base is awesome I have low building's but it works I like it thanks.?

  20. very good but it is not anti 3 , it is anti 2 :)