Clash of Clans – Town Hall 8 v Town Hall 10 (WAR)

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  1. can I join th7

  2. top comment :D

  3. joing Black Hog CoC, new war clan currently undefeated 7-0

  4. "Heal spell is broken" lmfao

  5. So the music was a bit too cool for me, had to tone it down a bit 

  6. As soon as I heard nailed it, I hit the like button. Epic vid spence!

  7. I could actually at least one star the base he attacked second with level 5 archers and barbarians…like 50%

  8. The guy in the ad before this video started was named Spencer lol

  9. What is the song at 5:03

  10. make a hole to sneak your pekker in lol

  11. Dude that was so much fun to watch! Maybe I'll try the kansas city shuffle

  12. sorry if I watch this video too late, it really made my day…the pekka is the real deal..

  13. Fail!!! lol

  14. You're reminding me not to take this game too seriously.
    Thank you! :D

  15. Hilarious

  16. Greta video! My favorite part was when you were saying that you almost had him in clan chat:)

  17. Been watching some of your videos lately. You sir, just gained a subscriber.

  18. Love it

  19. U sound very simular voice to peter 17$ are u him