Clash of clans – Town hall 9 (th9) best war base 2015 [ Anti 3star ] + Speed build + REPLAY

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  1. Sorry but, i got easily 2starred by noobs using dragons

    x11(Lv3) Dragon w/ 3 Lightning and 1 Rage spell

  2. what is the name of this base???

  3. every base on youtube is so easy to 2/3 star, nobody can stop my army, not even me.

  4. what this song title ?

  5. how to get 3 stars with gowipe attack this base war?tell me please

  6. I 3 starred this base yesterday with a gowiwiho. Attacked from the top left with my kill/ push squad jump spell to get in the core and did a clockwise rotation with my hogs from the right.. the kill squad triggered both bombs from the top and i did a tactical hog raid and triggered one bomb at a time when they went for that bottom xbow.. to be fair the guy didnt have maxed out defenses. good base but needs a little modifying.

  7. Don't use it! 3 easy 3 star by gowipe, 1st attack, don't use this shit!

  8. I modified the Centre of the Base my way and never got 3 star from this base. Thank you.


  10. it was a disaster, dont use this, it was 3 stars at first try, dont use it!!

  11. Yeah this layout is great for GoWiPe/GoWiWi. A lot of buildings/defenses are enclosed in one segment of walls. Less walls = less wallbreakers/more attacking. Also, I don't like how the wizard towers are on the edges of the base. It'll be easy for wizards or archers to tear down the towers. I prefer wizards behind at least two layers of walls so they have longer time to deal out damage/get backed up by teslas.

  12. Goho can 3 this base. It happened to me last war. ??

  13. th 10 make 3 star on me 🙂 ( gowiwi max )

  14. oye bro como se llama la cancion number 2

  15. 2 star sucks 

  16. join my clan zed zo

  17. This base is so easy to two star tbh

  18. Easy shattered golaloon 

  19. Nice Lied das zweite extrem

  20. Kind of looks good