Clash of Clans – Town Hall 9 THREE STAR War Attack Strategies!

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  3. I enjoy the 3 star strategies.I push my clan to attempt them – either when we have it won or need a 3 star to break the tie (pre-update). Most of the time, you can get the 3 star on a follow up attack. Less so on the first attempt on a base.

    At any rate, 3 stars on TH9s win wars!

    iMike – Leader of the level 6 clan named final pioneer.

  4. 6:03 that wizard didn't shot the mortar WTF!! LOL

  5. for clan wars that end in a tie do u think it be a good idea to make the deciding factor on which clan got more percentage

  6. I do love both of these attacks. I lost most of my hogs once because of double big bombs and i still got 95% running out of time. I count that as a victory after losing 20 hogs early. lol

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  8. Please do more townhall 9!

  9. classy attacks

  10. For those of you who struggle and fail 3 star attacks, remember, there's always SLOBBER

  11. 10 wiches 3 wallbreakers 15 wiz 2 goloms 8 earth quake is best for 3 star max th9

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  14. 5:24 im always using this. before us quad rage.. now is more easier because of the haste spells..
    super effective. specially out placed AD's

  15. Awesome video galadon, thanks! I am still fairly new to th9, could you show video similar to this but with low lvl heroes? I have lvl 10 king and lvl 5 queen, I don't know if my heroes would be good enough to pull off these attacks yet even with maxed(for th9) troops. Thanks, love the videos keep em coming. PS more Peter17$ lol

  16. Thank you Galadon for showing THIS side of clash of clans to your audiences. War community ftw!

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  18. 6:17 i didn't even notice he didn't have heroes until you mentioned it lol!

  19. Wtf is go hog, its shattered surgical hogs,imbred

  20. GALADON you have ruined coc you have taken all the humour and shit on it trying to make it action packed ITS A GAME that was meant to be targeted at under 10s but stupid 40 year olds like u played it making it a crap game making vids with dramatic suspenseful music when all u see is a bunch of animated stuff being controlled by a finger so stfu