Clash Of Clans | Town Hall 9 War Base Anti 3 Star! Anti Hog Anti Air! Defense Replay Proof 2016!

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  1. thx that base looks pretty legit i hope it works :)

  2. Can you do 1 for town hall 6 pls

  3. #ANTITHREESTAR GT please do a th7 base build

  4. plzzzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. And i used to be in that clan

  6. Who puts rage spell with hogs ??

  7. This is more like it, thanks Tony! I knew I could count on u :)

  8. tony then can u make a trophy base for th6?

  9. My name is kris123456

  10. cool take his word for it I only got 34%

  11. General tony can i join plz i asked to join but they wont let me in! And in youtube general is the clan name

  12. Tony can I pls join

  13. please do a th7 trophy base with 3 airdefences

  14. I'm here now that troops name is called the warden

  15. #anti3star

  16. Why is the Town Hall in the middle for an anti 3 lol? Clan Castle should be centralised!

  17. my problem is I don't yet have the queen so I'm farm in dark

  18. MAKE A TH6 BASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I'm gonna use this

  20. *star

  21. Third

  22. #anti3 stat

  23. #Anti 3 star

  24. Hey tony for your clan #BABYBEASTS can you kick the people that dont use both attacks for war please, I've been on clash of clans on hours looking at your clan to see if someone left, what can i do to join? I like to war and i dont think people that aren't active or do terrible in war should be in a clan like yours, your clan deserves the best. Please Respond with your opinion. #Anti3Star

  25. cry me a river…superqueen golaloonion will kick this bases ass

  26. Th8 troll base pal plz plz

  27. lol im the 209th viewer