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  1. wow that's soo cool . i want to visit ur Clan . i m th9 full maxed only heros left.

  2. He sounds just like tmartn, I wouldn't be surprised if it was him but he changed his name to eclihpse

  3. I like how you actually got a below town hall ten Titan that doesn't snipe.

  4. you love to poop

  5. Make a troll base please that would be great!

  6. not bad

  7. Hay, can you build a very good Th 8 Trophy Base please? 🙂

  8. How to they get their trophy so high, I hope someone teach me lol

  9. In all the raids he used 5 spells? … I dont see the point of pushing out a video about this..

  10. Hey Eclihpse I´m really interested in the best farming layout for my th 9 village and you have already made 3 vids with "the best faming layout" title and I would like to know your opnion about  what one is really the best.

  11. Weast ;)

  12. theres th7 in titans search up Savage Seven

  13. Hey eclipse I just wanted to let you know that their is a th8 in Titan leage if u want to know more contact me on IG or kick and I will tell u some more about him :)

  14. Why does it say in your intro

    "I love to…. Poop"

  15. AS SEEN ON T.V 

  16. Weastern are you Patrick?

  17. Can you make a town hall 9 hybrid base

  18. That guy is bad at attacking he had a chance at getting 400k of gold and elixir, he also should have deployed his balloons and use a rage spell and then send the minions right behind them. That is the point of balloons for a meat shield for his minions. 

  19. You're a wizard Eclihpse.

  20. I know many people wont even read me…

    But i have something important to say

    Im mexican