Clash of Clans – Townhall 9 Trophy + Farming Base

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  1. Clash of Clans – Townhall 9 Trophy + Farming Base

  2. Looks great bro, thanks for the base

  3. Sweet!

  4. This base looks really difficult to attack and beat, I’m going to use it.

  5. เนี่ยมเรยครับ good

  6. Brandon what do you do with the gems after you get the fifth builder?

  7. i love this can you have a look at mine base and tell me if it good piz

  8. +Clash of Clans – Brandon dude why xboe not inside . Why out side ?

  9. Hey Brandon, I know you are busy but it’d be cool if you could get back to
    me. I am currently pushing, would this base work around 3000-3300? Or
    should I keep my th on the outside.


  10. brandon i love u so much <3

  11. Another great video Brandon loving it as usual

  12. Hey Brandon, first of all, thanks for the video! Although this base does
    look a bit unorthodox to the viewer, with the decentralized xbows and such,
    but I trust you to be one of the most experienced clashers still playing
    today. Because of my faith in you and your knowledge of what works and what
    doesnt, I will now use this base. Thanks again, and clash on! ;)

  13. What’s your clan name? I need some troops 

  14. Hey Brandon! How much money did you approximately spend on your main
    account? Btw i love your Videos, keep ’em coming! :D

  15. Hey man love your videos ! Please can you vlog at clashcon?

  16. 1

  17. brandon its called a hybrid base lol

  18. ?

  19. Check out the player named Emirates in the clan Emirates

  20. I know u r a great clasher as well as an awesome youtuber but please if u
    can take 10 mins from your time and come help us recruit just th7’s and
    above tht wldve beeen very kind of u sir.. Btw clan name is Ãrtlab. I mean
    just type the way it is and ull get the clan..
    Thank you
    Follower of u

  21. Cool

  22. Thnx For The Video Brandon Your The Best Keep On Doing What Your Doing

  23. Aren’t x-bows suppose to be in the middle ?

  24. Awesome

  25. Nice