Clash of Clans | Tricky Town Hall 8 (TH8) Farming Base Replays [New CoC Update]

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  1. I'm sorry to say but it doesn't work

  2. as a max th8 going to th9 this base is by far the best for protection of dark elixir and 30/40% dmg free shield I've always enjoyed ur bases designs and I do end up switching everything around to make it my own personal creation for example I put my town hall outside the wall to trick ppl and it's work so well

  3. i was your 75th liker!!!

  4. Please reply :
    Hy jaso I jus upgraded to TH9. Can you please suggest me which troops shd I upgrade 1st? Witch lvl 2 or golem lvl 3…actually I'm gowipe attacker d im leader of my clan fr donating in CC witch will work? So witch or golem?
    Thanks in advance ;)

  5. yes

  6. yed

  7. Nice looking base!

  8. Great work! I just may switch to this, but I am more excited for your promised troll bases! Good luck on making those and I will be needing to use them to get to masters (hopefully). Seems like luring is a problem for many attackers! As always, glhf! 😀 #luringsavesraids

  9. congrats jaso on ur 500 war stars :)

  10. Nice defense Replays Love the base too good job!! AND

  11. It 's absolutely perfect, Jaso, you never stop to amaze me, gj as usual!!!

  12. This base is awesome
    Nobody in crystals can even one star it lol

  13. I have no idea where the air traps are so plz make a speed build of this base. Thx?

  14. Can you show some attacks that 3 star the base? Be more impressive if it was by its same th –
    Those attacks looked like where done by blind people haha

  15. plz make a video for th8 farming after update

  16. Can you make a Th8 war base? Thanks

  17. Do u think that this base would work in crystal?

  18. Imma test it out

  19. R u goons show building design

  20. Merry Christmas, also, I love this base, I used it when it first came on you channel. GG m9.

  21. Thank you jaso you promise me to show us replays and you did
    Such as awesome coc YouTuber thank you so much
    and so far so good
    i will copy it tomorrow

  22. awesome!!

  23. epic video Jaso and epic base design aswell hope u had a great christmas and Happy Clashing m8 keep it up