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  1. general Tony join me clan it is called messi dudes

  2. I love you tony

  3. You made me maid download clash royal tony ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Are u Aussie Tony?

  5. How many videos you uploud in one day?????

  6. btw you are great#trolling

  7. what is the clan

  8. wtf the pigeon can follow miners underground

  9. Nice video

  10. do you get alot of dms on insta

  11. odd

  12. how do you get 1 star for 99%

  13. so many stuff I have clash of clans and clash of royake

  14. Hashtag trolling sorry I have no hashtag

  15. pls sub 2 meeee

  16. who also thinks general Tony is best youtuber ever

  17. what is the clan called can you call it youtubers fans

  18. lol

  19. You're not the only one that posts coc daily like Beakers Lab

  20. How many trophies will you need to join the new clan

  21. General tony please reply

  22. yes do a q and a

  23. you can see it when i will be in your clan
    and please stay in that new clan

  24. make a new clan and stay there so we can stay with you and make the new clan good and sso we can get max things and do you want my base design named as "THE QUIZ "

  25. can I join the clan plz

  26. حلو

  27. it's like a level 9 clan

  28. do a clash of clans video on the clan savage seven the have town hall 7s in Titans

  29. I want to join your clan Tony please put the trophies to 0 so I can join my username is call The King

  30. Tony, lemme eat ya butt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  31. Hit me up with that giveaway

  32. Do a Q and A