Clash of Clans Ultimate TH8 GOWIPE Strategy Guide

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  1. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, the Ultimate Guide to GOWIPE at TH8

  2. Thank god i watched the entire video… wt i mean is i watched this video
    before but i stopped like 10 secs in when u said “If ur trying to 3 star,
    use drags instead”, at that moment i closed this video. now i came back to
    watch the entire thing cuz the new air sweeper is pretty much making th8
    more anti-drag… Thank you very much, this helped a lot and sorry that you
    have to read this paragraph… lol

  3. I really like the scripted analysis on how to properly use these attacks. I
    think it’s a lot better than live raids with on the spot commentary. I
    learnt more about GoWiPe’s in this one vid then I do watching 10 random
    raids. I don’t subscribe to too many clash of clan channels (or any to be
    honest) but I think this one definitely deserves mine!

    Keep this up!

  4. @Big Sted – Yes, at some point I’ll get to some tips on war base defenses

  5. a girl plays clash? ok cool

  6. 0:15 No attacks, 1 star… O.o

  7. literally doing a gowipe as a last ditch effort in about 20 min… and I’m
    the only one that can get 2 stars that we need to tie 25-25
    the war ends in 24 min…
    and because i only did this attack like…3 times…maybe, i came to watch
    the video

    i´ll be back after the attack

    wish me luck

  8. I hear many people saying that GoWipe is a 2 star war attack, and I think
    that isn’t necessarily true. Here is the mistake I think they are making.
    After dropping the Golums, the put down ALL of their wizards in a line
    behind the Golums. This is bad. Drop 4 or at max 5 behind each. Save the
    rest. If your cc has witches, then stick to 4.

    Now, when the attack gets to the far side of the base, where many GoWipe
    attacks fizzle out. You will have about 6 or 8 wizards left to drop on the
    outside defensive buildings as they engage your pekka or Golum (or king).
    Two per each left. Two shots and they are dead. This almost always gives
    my pekka and Golum enough life to kill the rest of the base.

  9. Lol

    — Tobias (Quantum’s Web)

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  11. Now days, we can use the poison spell instead of the lighting one 🙂
    +Clash Tutor – Clash of Clans

  12. What if we use a poison spell instead of a lighting?

  13. The trick to 3 staring all town hall 8 bases with gowipe is to lure out the
    clan castle troops, kill them with a poison spell, if your facing a dragon,
    lure it out of the base spawn in your Golem on the sides, then quickly
    spawn in your pekkas and barbarian on the king, and again quickly spawn
    your wizards on side the sides to take down the dragon and also centralize
    the base your attacking. You will also need 6 wall breakers to break down
    the walls, sometimes golems stay smashing the walls for days instead of
    being a meatshield, so make sure to spawn 3 wall breakers for each golem,
    after a mortar attack, you will most likely use a rage spell in the middle,
    use level 5 hogs for a higher potential, after that your hogs will start
    making a way for your troops, juse when there about to die, use heal spells
    on those hogs, and the last rage spell use it on the group that is most
    likely to survive, usually a big group of wizards,pekkas,golems.. I can
    assure you this is a guaranteed 3 star, always works. I destroy Max
    townhall 8 with walls, and also destroy townhall 9’s with it.

    My composition is 2 level 3 pekkas, 17 level 5 wizards, 6 level 5 wall
    breakers, and 2 golems, for your clan castle troops you will want level 5
    hogs and have atleast 4/5 of them mostly 5 for a higher potential
    obviously, and for my spells, 1 poison spell, 2 rage spells, and last but
    not least 1 heal spell. Level 4 is enough for them..

  14. Oh please, change that INTRO music. Please check out Alan walker spectre,
    or The next episode, San holo remix

  15. Frankly the language used was too technical. I couldn’t understand much

  16. My army composition consists of 5 Wallbreakers, 20 Wizards, 2 Golems, 2
    Pekkas, a Pekka is the clan castle, barb king, 2 rage spells and a heal
    spell. Awesome army comp! I 3 star with it 6/10 times lol

  17. So you don’t need to lure when using gowipe I have level 3 pekkas but level
    1 golem. My golem usually dies at the beginning of the raid when I don’t
    lure because they can’t take much damage.

  18. like the videos bbtw

  19. Awesome guide for GoWiPe

  20. 🙂

  21. How about making a TH8 GOWIPE strat. using the poison speel and earthquake.

  22. 3:45
    Actually, now we have poison spells to do the work for us.

  23. Lets face ot gowipe is a 2 star attack and dragons suck at high th8s ….
    If u are war enthusiast nwither of the two will help u . strats like hogs ,
    goho and even holo are the most effective attacks in th8 in some cases
    golowipe can be a good choice 

  24. I love this video !!!! You explain it so amazingly !!! I’ll be watching
    your videos from now on

  25. i <3 your video , nice decent description and best of it is your voice,
    never hurts my head ;-)