Clash of Clans | Ultimate Update Recap in Under 5 Minutes – New Troops and Spells CoC May 2016

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  1. this is super informative good job mate

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  3. just amagime all them cloned witch's spawning all their skellys then skelspell oh my god add float and tear abase apart

  4. oh yea I'll def use him lol just wish he would fit in and for skelaton can you do a float gowiwi with clone an skelaton spell I think it would be a massive amount of skellys and awesome to use

  5. I agree, the chat will look better

  6. not to happy about the minors look couldn't have we kept him midevil looking he looks like a 50s coal miner lol

  7. I didn't know that the chat will look different

  8. Nice vid!

  9. great recap man u could really take a job as a news anchor hehe

  10. veey nice

  11. first comment