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  2. When TF is this game gunna update

  3. do they convert some of those trophies to Legends League trophies at the season end

  4. Lmfao. There was a th9 worth 17 trophies! ???

  5. Is there going to be any Pokemon videos coming soon?

  6. how do u record in game gameplay?plz help.what software to use?

  7. hey I'm friends with steveo! I would say go for the trophies and the loot will come. Have some fun and get a sweet badge then drop back to the real world when the clouds start to suck. I'm at 5100 and wait 30 min for an offer…

  8. Go Seahawks!

  9. go legends

  10. I say push up. As long as you stay out of the clouds you might as well work on something now that the heros are max.

    Any suggestions on DE army comps now that you're flush with DE?

    Any advice on how to be more patient with the heal drops? I always get nervous and drop them too fast.

  11. I am Townhall 8 (not max) at Champions 1 i only hit bases with great loot works fine for me

  12. most of trophy pushers are very suck in war,they dunno how to get 3 stars in war

  13. Don't worry PB this will be short lived once you start hitting the clouds you will be annoyed and then drop back down to champs

  14. No fun pushing– I used a 35 minute army with 3 barracks (4th upgrading)– (queen walk/14 valks/wiz/giants/ 4 earthquake/2 rage and freeze – AQ 31, BK 30– usually a break even for dark elixer and not alot of gold/elixer…. got old real fast after you get into champions league– cups get hard to come by– especially when you are used to Giant/Arch farming in crystal league 1 and rarely if ever getting hit — I would not recommend until your heroes are maxed– my TH10 defenses are all maxed except for walls– I'll try again when my heroes are maxed–

  15. Nice work PB, after three years of hardcore farming I have maxed my th11 (apart from the pesky walls) decided to go on a push to make wall farming more interesting, made it into legends league last night. using anything my clan will give me in the cc, 5 wb,2 archers, 6 healers and the rest bowlers. 2 jump, 2 rage, 2 poison and one freeze.
    Some top loot up here, I'll save you some.

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  17. I like this. Make it a series.

  18. I didn't know u know how to push cups.

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  21. Join my clan WinZ

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  23. Pb's first level 11 walls, let the grind begin.

  24. What if you had 3 archers for that base? JK

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  28. how much elixir cost this mass miner attack?

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  33. At 5296 currently. Everything except king and queen maxed so I don't care about loot. I'll pretty much take any offer for cups, it's so hard to even find a base in the first place up here.

  34. if you don't mind me asking I always keep an eye on your gems how much have you spent since you started th10?

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  36. dont worry about loot in titan, you'll always make gains no matter what

  37. Leave already? Go for legend!! Start a new series.

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  41. go to Legends !

  42. When I push, I ignore loot completely. Only look at cups

  43. you always have loot bonus too fall back onto when hitting low loot bases while pushing

  44. how many fingers do you use to drop those miners i find it hard to do that cause im only playing on my phone.

  45. ???? Skip a Th9 with 17 Trophies ??

  46. grtz on titan.. love ur channel.. seemz hogz have dissapeared from attackz.. do yall still use them in WHF?

  47. queen level 5