Clash of Clans Update ♦ Town Hall 11♦ Defense Wins ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. if they would just cut the cost of all troops and spells and decrease the time for spells. then players could actually make a profit at the end of the raid without just attacking collectors (which is far too easy and spoiled everyone) people just need to get better at using heavier armies that can actually make it through the base to hit most of the storages if they want to get the most loot.

  2. Where should I farm as a th9?

  3. Been losing lots of loot while on defense and I cant find any more dead bases to counter my losses….

  4. Galadon, is it true that after about 5 days of inactivity bases are taken out of match making?

  5. Still people losing attacks how ? so funny need more skill to playing coc

  6. Th11 was such a bad update they better balance the game up at th11 too easy

  7. Pekkas are horrible now. Their intelligence has gone down. Lvl 6 wizards seem weaker than lvl 5. SC needs to look at this.

  8. Larry moe & Curly aka the 3 stooges nice one galadon

  9. we still have sniping u idiot! people we snipe just dont get sheild so stop complaining

  10. Plus one this if you agree that since farming now involves having strong armies and using all your spells, Supercell can at least decrease the time for spell production? The spells take twice as long as most current farming armies!

  11. so,the update fucked up the queen too??!!

  12. I'm not going to watch, but DAMN SuperCell messed up. Farming is completely dead and I think in about a month or 2, at least HALF the CoC community is gone. At least the casual players and the entire forum playerbase. Sad to see this go down hill this fast. Too bad for you too Galadon, maybe focus more on other games? I liked your AgarIO video's a lot! Or maybe you know another game we can all transfer to!?

  13. subscribe back

  14. i subed


  16. We don't care about these defenses or your mass witch raids. Don't be a pussy and stand up for common people against supercell removing dead bases after 5 days of inactivity. They completely ruined the game.
    Spread the word!

  17. Why are max th11s able to beat other max th11s with a golem batch army ?

  18. I have yet to understand how this update brought "quality of life" changes!

  19. If ya sub to me, I'll sub right back

  20. we always have time for your videos Galadon ???