Clash of Clans UPDATE 2015 | Titan League, Legend League & Dragon Level 5!! (Clash of Clans Update)

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  1. I'm in Titan 3

  2. Join RTLegends

  3. Guys pls join my clan BloodBrothers we look for either very high th7 and above we need people to join clan tag is #pjg8Lg99
    Donate= elder
    Dedication and loyalty=coleader

  4. The second spell icon is the dark spell factory with contains a poison spell a earthquake spell and a haste spell

  5. I'm trying to update clash of clans but it keeps saying that there is an error because of insufficient space on my phone but I have deleted videos pictures and apps and it's still not working can you guys give me some suggestions because I can't play without updating and it's really really irritating???

  6. It's arabic language

  7. The Titan league emblem dosnt move like champs

  8. What is the name of your clan? I am th6 and I am a boy this is just my mom's account I would like to join ?

  9. One spell factory is the dark elixir spell factory

  10. The next spell factory is going to be a dark elixir spell factory ok

  11. I love the new update I'm town hall 7 but I want to go to town hall 8 so I can the dark spell factory

  12. It's a DARK spell factory.

  13. I hav the update i got it a min ago its Awesome 

  14. The second spell factory is like the dark barracks yup the dark spell factory

  15. Dark spell factory 

  16. Cool I can't wait for the update :)

  17. Csnt wait i hope it updates friday

  18. Maybe the number on the legend sheild is how many legend trophies/attacks in legends league 


  20. This update and league structure suggest th11 coming but not in this update. I feel they are getting a feel of who will make it that high and if they really need th11 in the near future.