Clash of Clans: Update and How to Farm Dark Elixer

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  1. Love your vids man ? Keep it up 

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  4. Hi dude, did you shopped real world money to have the 5th builder?

  5. Haha! Thanks for shouting me out im haik!

  6. Honestly, i dont understand what the reason was taking out the loot bonuses
    its not like it made it harder for higher lvls to get loot. Having the loot
    bonuses was the reward for the lower lvls if they could beat the higher
    lvls but now there’s no use to attack higher levels, THIS UPDATE IS

  7. When your skype sounds went off, I kept checking mine. lol

  8. what do you use to record?
    Oh ad I subbed.

  9. what range of trophies for farming is the best for you?

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  11. Check what there saying in chat

  12. is there someone here who is playing coc in the philippines?

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  18. Where would you put the tesla’s when they’re done being upgraded? Love the
    vids btw!

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  21. Yeahhhhh i’m Fabio der GROSE

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  23. Nice video 

  24. Also can u show a new strategy for raiding cuz hogs r not working for me
    and it might just be me??