Clash Of Clans: UPDATE HYPE!!! YouTuber Round Table QUICK TAKES!

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  1. When will the update drop

  2. lvl 12 walls would b 6months of hell. lvl 11 walls almost made me quit

  3. bring back the waterfall XD could not stop laughing

  4. Those presidential debate jokes were really funny and i really enjoyed this type of video and i feel a possible change to miners that could change it would be to add some sort of underground trap that could damage them when they are underground

  5. Absolutely awesome guys! Very entertaining. Thanks for the laughs.

  6. i love ash channel for clash of clans.

  7. question:what is the difference between level 11 and level10 or maybe, even level 9 walls? Can't tell the difference

  8. Lol that was a fun video :)

  9. +1 to Heather on the bowler nerf question. More focus should definitely be put on the defenses used to defend bowlers. Problem is people are used to defending hogs or loons; ground or air essentially. Now, with new troops, people are forced to CHOOSE an army to defend against and another to be super vulnerable to which is completely fine. if you place double db around a slight storage farm near an xbow you could take out groups of miners cuz you'd need heals for those areas, heals for strategically placed WT and heals near TH/CC if miners are taking heavy damage. For bowlers, a wall setup to cause a split can slow them down BUT in doing so you may allow valks to wreck your base or another troop but my point is this is fine. If you're losing to people who are versatile and can adjust armies to take you out depending on the defense then the game is in a good place.

  10. I've been playin for 29 months I'm almost a fully maxed T.H.10 I keep a steady pace of 2 walls per day & as of now I only have 91 level 10 walls left to upgrade so if u've been playin for longer than 2 years & u don't have any level 11 walls dat's what u call lazy & lacking da drive for perfection. Plus my 2nd account is 11 months younger than my main account & it's a T.H.9 working on getting all my walls up to level 10.

  11. Ok using xmod is not fair but they should not permanent ban , 1 month punishment is enough!!

  12. PowerBang has exactly 111,111 subs

  13. I have to agree with PB and heather on the walls. Maybe a new mechanic that can be added to current walls but with the meta it doesn't make sense as most attacks now involve breaking in, jumping or quaking and then hogs or miners. Higher walls just limits us to those type of attacks, only; aside from the massive expenditure to upgrade them.

  14. takes me 3 months for max walls, get the grind going boys

  15. This was awesome! I'm subscribed to all 3 of you guys and to hear y'all talk about all things Clash of Clans was just plain fun! :)

  16. #trueashfan

  17. Red in the head, fire in the bed. You better marry that valk!

  18. Ash, I know u r a Bostoner so I will share my opinion of unfair bans and Ming Sing Ling using an analogy. A-Rod has done more PEDs than probably anyone in MLB history. If he told the MLB "I didn't mean to use them", "everyone uses them". Guess who wouldn't care and guess who would get suspended. He cheated and he deserves to get banned. There are certain rules in place and if u break them u should pay the consequences.

  19. Loved the vid! Great chemistry between the 3!

  20. love the vids ash keep up the good work

  21. This was great, awesome chemistry, interesting takes and an overall fun listen. Hope you have another video with these two again soon!

  22. Weighing the war bases does need a fix i agree. I lost my last two wars. As a max th9 number 1 in war i got three starred by their 7 (a max th10 offense and mid th9 defense)

  23. too many QQ

  24. #AshxGolem

  25. misleading title

  26. #lv12walls Easy add, You don't have to upgrade them but it is a feature we need a new wall feature, maybe ones that can't break by eq

  27. Awesome ?

  28. im unfair banned :(

  29. Bring back Witches

  30. What was that about your emails ash? I've never heard of this, I just felt a little awkward when you silenced PB…

  31. is this a girl or a little kid?

  32. i dont care if ash reply ?

  33. you cant accidentally mod so its no mistake. you chose to cheat, you get your ass banned.

  34. Great vid Ash, would love to see more collabs like this in the future??

  35. My thought on the BANNED.. Do not not give a 2nd chance, it will not teach the cheaters anything. Giving these cheaters more and more chance will kill the fairplay. They had their time and fun for how many years think about it, while some of us ended up with either ghost town clans or once a day attackers to inactive. My clan is slowly coming back to life any monkey business in clan war and they said they are done.

  36. The memes are so real lol

  37. I think super cell stoped caring about coc

  38. giant boner ????