Clash of clans update news – trap guide and a forum exclusive sneak peek

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  1. I'm curious how long the pumpkin bomb will stay around after update or if anyone knows. I moved it to an odd place to see how long it will stay there. Would be interesting to see it there still at Holiday update.

  2. Cool

  3. Hello

  4. This update has a lot of stuff. Now daddy can put his builders to work and show us what they look like and perform! Also cant wait to see some new archer towers and goblins!

  5. Doing a giveaway check my channel for rules

  6. cxxxc

  7. Finally an update which has lots of positives for lower levels 😀 congrats on 20k

  8. Nice! Imma sub to you

  9. Congrats on 20k subs Daddy you deserve it 100%

  10. Hi

  11. I dont like the new spell thingy

  12. Daddy you got 20k subs! Congrats dude

  13. It is out.

  14. I LOVE this update :DDD

  15. called it 🙂

  16. *BOOM

  17. And then there was a level 6 BOON

  18. Song- Ignite(Original) by Noisestorm

  19. man what are they coming up with next motes and lava lakes

  20. a question please? when will this update come along? when will this happen