Clash Of Clans – UPDATE SCHEDULE – TROPHY REVAMP (HUH??!) – & Channel Direction

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  1. Ash i'm a fan so that makes 4 not 3

  2. to bad nothing new announched for clan wars

  3. Can't wait for more league bonuses.
    And no, the last update didn't help at all.
    I am TH 9 in Champion league and 90% of the enemy town halls are lvl 10 with inferno towers. Very few TH 9, 0.5% chance to get a TH 8.
    Hopefully they will at least increase the bonuses for reaching the 1 star.

    I like your approach on the sneak peak process.

    I would like to see more 3 stars blue prints like your friend from the Powerbang Gaming does. It's very interesting, at least from my point of view, to see how some good town hall war bases can get 3 stars. There are a lot of designs and no one has though of taking the time to explain how you should attack a type of base.

  4. Great vid! Vainglory is amazing if they contact you… Pick up the game and give it a week. And I love your viewpoint on clash. Lots of negative going around(for good reason). But it's nice to see some light around the corner!

  5. stay strong Paris

  6. Keep up the good work Ash love your work mate

  7. awesome idea for sneak peeks ash!

  8. Very like the future path of your channel Ash, great vid, keep the good work, you're great!!!

  9. I honestly like this idea better with waiting and processing the information first because so many people that post these videos so eager to be the first to post any news they jump the gun have not had the time to think about what they're posting and give an educated opinion so this concept is awesome to me.

  10. #sendprayerstoFrance

  11. Your videos are so good! I watch every video you post, I have probably seen every vid you have ever posted! Thank you so much for your amazing videos!

  12. Ash if there were individual leagues for each town hall level then farming would be aweful for anyone, as a lot of players rely on attacking lower town halls for loot when they cannot find any against their own th lvl

  13. because ur awesome ash ?

  14. I wish this was the number clash channels in sub but you have the number gameplay and strategy I believe once you hit 100k sub's your channel is going to explode

  15. idk who could dislike this video. great insight ash. love the vid as always. been a fan and a subscriber since you showed love to the war community with my boy powerbang. keep up the good work

  16. ::Awkward bro hug:: We love you too, Ash. Great stuff, I watch all your stuff and it has most certainly improved my game (and thus my quality of life!).

  17. ash you should play hearthstone

  18. great video as always Ash