CLASH OF CLANS UPDATE! Sneak Peek #2 – Clan Improvements! CoC Home Village October 2017 Update!

  1. When this update will come ? *

  2. When will this update will come??

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  5. Who ever joins my clan get co or elder my clan tag is uyqjc2rc so join plz

  6. This is AWESOME !!!!
    This is AWESOME !!!!
    This is AWESOME !!!!
    This is AWESOME !!!!

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  14. Haha lvl 25 clan…oh no

  15. I love the new clan updates with shield and knowing how many are online.

  16. your videos are always awesome but your chanel is not famous i dont know why but you are awesome ?

  17. Let me start out by saying I've been a subscriber of yours for really long tomorrow and will respect your craft .You always have insightful and helpful videos ,A bit long at times lol but education all the same .They're getting better and better all the time to thank you for keeping me real .However…
    You probly get this all the time Judo sloth But would you mind looking at my attacks on my page .I am my leader of the time that is 5 years old .Everyone recently quit playing or lost or broken device ECT .So I had to do What was right and I kicked everybody !I'm having a hard time recruiting it is nearly impossible with our war log and attendance .We are a level 8 clan that has hit a wall and I really don't want to join another Clan .
    I would really appreciate Your advice on the issue and any tips on my farming video .
    Thanks m8

  18. We need new clan perks… Beautifying the clan badge is of no use! ??

  19. How do you Get the latest update

  20. Wow now I'll make as many as friends as possible hehe

  21. How is ur clan 25