Clash of Clans – Update Sneak Peeks Thoughts and Speculations!!!

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  1. Anyone notice the whisper at the end of the intro

  2. I think that in the new update Supercell is adding night to the game. Also new graphics for the barracks, decorations, and lvl 10/11 walls.
    I THINK.

  3. Nope, you're wrong. You get the new troop at town hall 9, as for what Chief Pat said. And it wouldn't make sense to get it at town hall 10 anyways because its only fair to unlock 2 dark troops at town hall 9 as unlocking 2 at town hall 8. And besides, not everything "cool" in an update is for town hall 10s only. Not only are there 5 more spaces left but it wouldn't make sense. Phew, long comment

  4. Once again, for high level players 

  5. When you think it might come out

  6. Since the dark barracks level 6 will be available for th9. Does that mean the level 5 barracks will also be pushed down and allow th8 to get level 5 barracks????

  7. Hi how do you record your screen? Please give me an answer

  8. Is that a cat skull on the top of the db?

  9. Is that a cat skull on the top of that lvl 6 db?


  11. When is the update coming out??

  12. Maybe its a strong fire wizard that has a fireball 

  13. The dark barracks lvl 6 is for th 9+

  14. In the sc held during pax they said they would lower wall prices I've yet to see any info on this why haven't they adress it yet???

  15. When does the update come out?

  16. Plot twist: lvl 6 dark barracks doesn't actually give a new troop 

  17. The new troop cud b the flying tank wid 3 engines that every1 is always talking.about

  18. My dad works at supercell its going to be a lava golem

  19. My idea ,since the barrack is lava themed, is that the troop will be another tank like troop but will take low damage from inferno towers. :p

  20. I play This Means War too. What alliance are you in?