Clash of Clans Update “Town Hall 11” The Future Of Clash

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  1. For those interested in the original videos where I talk about the walls,
    promise not to make fun of how bad I used to be… Here you go:

  2. Hey, Gallydon. I think you’re idea with the attacking like a group is a
    VERY good idea!??

  3. Troops vs troops

  4. Hey Galadon, should they add a day night mode switch?? :)

  5. 4000+ LEGEND LEAGUE !!! A white Badge with A P.E.K.K.A In the middle! loot
    Bonus 250000 Gold/Elixir and 2000 Dark Elixir! I really think Supercell
    should add this !!! 

  6. I think they should make a special base called the clan base that the
    wholeclan can work on and the leader chooses who builds in it

  7. Clan brackets

    Like the basketball playoffs 64 clans fight and if u lost ur out of the
    tournament so if u win in the first day of the bracket the next day it gets
    narrowed down to 32 to 16,8,4,2 and to finally 1 clan victory and clan
    brackets have a 1 preparation day and a 5 hour battle day and the winning
    clan get 1 XP the each player and a badge. Also in ur clan u have this tab
    that says how far u have made it in the tournament. For EX. It may say
    elite 8 or sweet 16 and if u win a tournament it say crowned victory
    Also after u do a tournament u can’t enter another one for 10 days, so clan
    wars are still active.

    I hope this is added cuz I want another type of clan war, clan wars wars
    are not as fun anymore but this will spice things up. Like if u like this

  8. Clan troop wars, each player from a clan can put in a certain amount of
    troops into battle, then they can all go into battle to try to kill the
    other clan’s clan base, where the whole clan gets to donate to it and using
    the resources you can all build your base. The base will be like a real
    giant base with lots of defences.

  9. eww those concept walls are ugly

  10. I think they should have two stories of walls

  11. There should be a air wall that blocks air troops, however, with this being
    very very useful and strong how about only getting somewhat 15 at th7 15 at
    th8 and 20 at th10 (skipping any at th9)
    (Air wals won’t affect ground troops)

  12. More maps, goblin king as a hero, a dark troop that only goes for the town
    hall and does ×4 damage to the townhall only 


  14. New dark troop: the Rager. Throws rage spells, like the Healers which heal.

  15. I Think We Should Be Able To Attack Our Friends By Just Typing Their Name
    Also You Can Only Attack The Person You Would Want Once A Season (2 Weeks).
    If You Like This Idea Like It And The Supercell Might Notice It. Also Hit
    Your Ideas So Supercell Can See What You Guys Think. Good Luck All People
    That Play COC (Clash Of Clans).


  16. I’m a bit late but how about attacking your own base designs to see what
    your base is weak against but its probably too much. 

  17. Clan castle troops do not refill ??? Just imagine

  18. Please don’t upgrade town hall level 11 I am at 8 only???..

  19. It’s like supercell watched this video…the air sweeper and Titan/legend

  20. The Gem Box Factory is the best idea.

  21. hey y dont we use the water around our village to make a water base with
    ships having defenses on them n we use torpedos n submarines to just make
    it more intrestinggg

  22. They made it 3k trophys not 3200

  23. Electric fence tesla walls? Connect the blue walls to a tesla to electrify

  24. I think the new update should make it to were your clan can send you