Clash of clans – Using Tier 1 in Master League

  1. Damn I miss this vids lol yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

  2. Lol love this old vids Godson bring this kim d of videos back

  3. LOL

    Now crystal 2 gets more loot bonus then master 3

  4. How many lightning spells would it take to kill a town hall

  5. Ur vids r amazing godson really funny really enjoy watching them every time
    I see one Ur vids I’m like gotta watch all the random noise u make and how
    u play about is just funny keep up the good work

  6. “Mow-tars”

  7. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Man godson is awesome 

  9. Does it work whit lvl 5 trops?

  10. Did you know lvl 7archers are coming out

  11. What does tier 1 mean

  12. I used this from gold 3 to crystal 1. With lv 4 troop i have th7. Buy now i
    am stuck and i am 200 trophies away. I guess lv 4 troops just cant cut it .
    I am only seeing th 10 now infernos everywhere. 

  13. How can you get the free gems

  14. with spells (lighting)

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  17. try appbounty realy works for free gems and other cool stuff like x box
    live and more

  18. Coc stands for clash of clans

  19. yeahhhhh lol

  20. Godson your vidis are so COOL!!!!!!!!!!

  21. My brother is a th 8 in crystal 10 trophies from master wow he dropped lol
    he’s a silver (troll!)

  22. join fire&fury the good one it would be an honor to have godson in our clan
    even for 1 hour

  23. will this strategy work if ive got lvl5 archers, barbs and lightning
    spells? im currently at crystal 3 and want to get to master 3 for the gems.
    Will This work for me or is there a better way to go about it? I wanna save
    as much resources as i can getting there 🙂 if you wanna look at my base im
    in ‘alpha dog’ w/45ish members, blue+white shield and im ‘CaptnCrunch’ 🙂
    thx great content

  24. Can u do a 1 hour special?!!!

  25. awesome