Clash of Clans – War Attacks With My Brother Jeffrey!

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  1. Like this comment if you want to see Jeffrey in more videos! :)

  2. #jeffandcambothsuckdickatattacking :P

  3. You should’ve got him to say “My name is Jeff” lol

  4. Is it me or have archer towers have become stronger than before?


  6. 5:10
    woulda been funny if the wiz tower just started shooting the 2 archers that
    got dropped cuz they were just barely in range and fucked up your 2 stars

  7. wtf i never can win a itunes card -.- man fml

  8. #camandjeffsucksattacking. #mostlyjeff

  9. I finally won!!!!!! I love you Cam!!!! Huge fan!

  10. Why is it only US? Please make it worldwide somehow

  11. Pls do another video with your bro like a Q&A or some shit

  12. Nice to see Nepal clan in YouTube cause its my country

  13. I totally called the “It’s time to clash with Cam..and Jeff” intro before
    playing the vid xD

  14. Hey cam I’m a lvl 80 th 8 with 211 war stars can I plz join ur clan ? 

  15. I cant find you clan anywhere?

  16. What’s ur th 8 base?

  17. I like watching ppl fail other then me makes me fill not alone…

  18. Nice attacks,,,, asking why are you guys saying s bad words dont u know
    there’s a lot kids watch out there !

  19. So psyched when I saw the code… Then I realized that cam neglects his
    android using subscribers…. Sigh…

  20. I had to GoWiWi and then I had to GoWiPe

  21. hey cam, do you think it is possible that i can join your clan even just
    for 1 one war? i am a huge fan even though im a low lvl player

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  23. Your brother is terrible lol who’s account was he playing on

  24. Guys the itunes code is XNG3YRJYCH48WKG4 Too bad i’m on android :(

  25. did somebody use the code yet?