Clash Of Clans – WAR FAIL!! Pushing to 10th perk (Defense raids)

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  1. Holy fuck

  2. You are best

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  4. Air troops need to get buffed noone uses them in th9-11 :(

  5. the biggest fail is when you have 99% ans the last Building is the Town Hall

  6. You can job my clans name Frame Dozo.

  7. can u make some th8 new base??

  8. Can you attack my clan godson

  9. Wow that first attack from the other clan was stupid. Putting heroes first is very big mistake.

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  11. Godson sucks…….nosdoG is better

  12. My clan is name indo walker
    I am level 9

  13. Godson i can see your clan and do you want to challenge my clan

  14. what was this video's outro music from, its familiar………..

  15. My Clan only needs 1 more war and we will be a level 10 clan

  16. cool i like it

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  18. man the heroes with these upgrade are getting shat on 0.0


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  21. I'm so bad at Clash Royale,
    I'm level 5 in arena 3

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  23. What is with that wall near the mortar at 1.01, it starts flashing and hp bar comes up above it

  24. Who else noticed at 2:21 godson said potatoes and it was pato (which means duck in Spanish for those that don't understand or speak Spanish)

  25. hi godson

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  27. No,,u can use jump spell

  28. Ok I don't get it in the perks it goes up to 10 but when you search clans the clan lv goes up to 15… Please explain

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  31. for the first time a see an arabian clam im war recording

  32. do troll base

  33. those dragons

  34. Godson can you remember me? ZODIAC PLAY IT from pocket consoles stream?

  35. 素晴らしい=excellent