Clash of Clans – War Recap #6: Clashtronauts vs. The Lost

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  1. Had a crazy week…
    1) Working a secret video project (coming out soon)
    2) Ordering a new PC for live-streaming (yay!)
    3) Sister’s appendix exploding (she’s fine though)
    4) A bunch of other stuff

    More vids coming soon, everyone getting out of school soon? It’s finally
    summer here and I’m ready to golf :)´╗┐

  2. Hope your sister gets better´╗┐

  3. how can you tell from an anti-hog base vs a normal base´╗┐

  4. 301+ CLUB´╗┐

  5. So I heard u read every comment ;)´╗┐

  6. Clash of Clans – War Recap #6: Clashtronauts vs. The Lost:´╗┐

  7. Hey Pat, I wondering if you could make a video on how to get into your clan
    or your feeder. Thanks!´╗┐

  8. yo…a guy in his clan is a spyer´╗┐

  9. hi dude i just saw u noce base i rushed my base i get easyer dark elexir if
    u now what i mean = ?´╗┐

  10. Nice come back´╗┐

  11. Hey pat I’m a new subscriber, I was wondering if you had any good attack
    strategies for lower level bases like town hall 7 or something close to
    that. I would appreciate it very much!´╗┐

  12. Pat i love you because your great at youtube but my base is rushed so i get
    rejected but my troops are maxed for th 9 and i can take down TH 10s maxed
    or almost´╗┐

  13. can u put your clan tag in a comment? inwould love to join your clan´╗┐

  14. Exploding Appendix? Hmm i wonder how that happened? ;)´╗┐

  15. Dropping bow’s with those healers, better laugh straight to the bank with


  16. hola´╗┐

  17. I love yore videosÔś║Ôś║Ôś║??´╗┐

  18. Hey Cheif pat! I was wondering If I could join your clan… I donate pretty
    well, and I’m a level 81 th8…I’m maxed besides walls (lev 7) 1 archer
    tower, and teslas! if a elder could respond or somthing that would be

  19. What do u require to join this clan pat im lvl65 and i have lvl5 archers
    can i join? + im gold III´╗┐

  20. What u going to do with no defence account after u get champion?´╗┐

  21. #9G82PGC is the feederclans clan tag´╗┐

  22. Hey pat can you make a vid about how to get rid of witches in clan castles?
    My lvl 6 lightning spell often doesn’t kill her, so what do you think is
    the best way to take care of her? Or if anyone has tips, just comment on
    this. Thanks!´╗┐

  23. Hey Cheif Pat, do you think that I should be maxing my walls to level 8 on
    Townhall 8 before going to Townhall 9? I have all my walls currently at
    level 7, and everything else maxed out except Dark Elixir troops in the
    lab. Thank you!´╗┐

  24. Nice

  25. Whats the feeder i want to join´╗┐