Clash of Clans War Recap #88 – Hebrew Legends

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  1. lol?! what beast base prevent the perfect war?! HL even perfect wared clashheads

  2. Kind of ironic that you fought hebrew legends on episode 88 because 88 is a slang for heil hitler

  3. Thanks for clan war. That was the most fantastic battle in my COC life.
    I hope we'll battle in future.

  4. couldn't hear shit bro

  5. Hey Powerbang,
    I am from the clan Deebo's Army. I am not a leader in the clan but I am wondering if you would like to do an arranged matchup. If you express interest in this I can talk to some of the leaders and we can make this matchup happen!

  6. powerbang, i like your videos, but your intro gives me aids, please change

  7. whats up with your mic ??

  8. But Powerbang… I thought you found these "Hebrew Modders" through the "Fair Play War Community"…. I'm perplexed?

  9. For the love of all, I cannot believe anyone feels good about winning while modding! The reason you get 2 attacks is to allow for adjustments on the second attack to get the 3-star. This truly shows the best attackers when you can shift a plan on the second attack to clean up. Good Job WHF! And EAT *&%$ HL.

  10. Is a surgical goho sort of the go-to three star attack at th9 level? sorry if this is an ignorant question, because I'm only th7. it's just that the th9s in my clan seem to be peddling the surgical goho most of the time.

  11. "It is what it is"

  12. PB can you increase mic volume,

  13. whats with the audio tho? lel nice war

  14. Hey Powerbag, I was wondering why you don't show failed attempts to show the mistakes you made and how to avoid them? On the same note, I don't think I've seen too many attacks of your opponents. Would have been nice to see some of those 3* on your TH10s.

  15. is my ipad broken or is it ur audio? nice video anyways

  16. Is it me or does his mic suck?

  17. Hey PB could you do a video showing the th9's that you did not clean up in war and what made those bases difficult to clean up?

  18. still props to you guys! great war as expected… them dragons vs offest aq – did hurt.. a lot i think.. keep your heads up, undermanned, fewer th10s.. still pulled off a good one.. continue doin what you do best!! more power to fpc!

  19. Hey Powerbang I have never done a queen walk and was thinking abt it doing on one of the bases in my current war … The problem is that I only have. A lv10 queen do u think that will be enough ??

  20. +Powerbang Gaming …can u match up against one of the best warring clan Lp3 Chiron?…Which is of Lost phoenix community..plz..