Clash of Clans War Recap #96

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  1. Great video PB. Loved the longer video. I wouldn't mind if it happened more often.

  2. I just got the name….

  3. The lip sync is real… You guys did good on the war though!

  4. Thanks for all your videos! Your instructional videos are the best out there and your war recaps are always great for entertainment and learning. Keep up the awesome work, big fan…!

  5. Yo Pb, were about a full second delayed on audio. A neat trick is to just clap in video. the Audio graph is then easy to sink with your hands touching in the video :D

  6. i saw blu3 in global today. may or may not have gone totally crazy. but tell him twerkitpedro says hi!

  7. why the fuck u dont share war recap againist w.a.r. bro ?

  8. Best Strategy guides on earth! I 3 starred Number 1 in war with help of youre knowledge! Thank you so much :)

  9. is the recap from the war with We are raiders coming today?

  10. i love your videos PB! I'm from Brazil and I've got my own channel. I get inspiration by your channel and try to do the same in portuguese with my clan wars :)

  11. LaLoon Question: The action always happens too fast for me to really tell…

    The tut says 2 loons per defense, except xbows. What if there are two defenses, the 2nd immediately interior to the 1st? Still 2 loons? Or 3, or 4? And if an xbow is 1st or 2nd in the path… 4 loons, maybe?

  12. Blue = Amando of WHF

  13. strategy guide to the quad quake Gola loon would be a awesome vid

  14. What do you think about being able to manually target wall breakers because they're so fucking stupid?

  15. At what level Queen does the (Healer – Queen strat) Starts working?

  16. Powerbang, do you think that the "Max attack" by clashing with Matty is a good strategy against some anti 3 star bases? I can't think of a base it DOESN'T work for. Any advice?

  17. daym i am looking forward to the next war recap! looks like a proper challenge for ya lol :D

  18. Loved all these videos in a short span, really hilarious commentary, haha. loved it.

  19. Hey +Powerbang Gaming you think Dan's attack at the end would have been better with a jump?

  20. lol you put this video out after the stream!