Clash of Clans War Recap #97 – We Are Raiders

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  1. Is it worth 50 spaces to take aq out with drags?

  2. Dang! Blueproud is in every war recap video! Seems like he's the best attacker you guys got xD

  3. Do resource storage buildings and collector matter for matchmaking? On my TH8 alt i have not made any extra collectors and am holding back as long as i can on storage. Is this a mistake to do, or will it help me get better match ups?

  4. top

  5. Sick attack by FostThaBoss!

  6. Hello everyone!
    If anyone is searching for a serious war clan, please come visit us at Knight Brigade! We are a freshly formed, international war clan, currently having a 7-win streak. We are looking for nice, experienced and active people from th6-9 who like to plan and execute war attacks and are willing to exchange tips and strategies. If you are interested in non-stop, high level wars, feel free to stop by!
    Knight Brigade     #P9QVJPL

  7. mod alert…

  8. lol that queen king joke was hilarious

  9. hey PB..I love your channel~~^^;;

  10. Id Like to thank +powerbanggaming for your fantastic content! It has helped me out tons, although i should say it is going to for im only a couple months into being a th9. I have also joined the bindle chat room and im working hard to meet requirements for WHF and hope in the future ill become a member of the WHF family. I look forward to more videos and keep up the good work!?

  11. Hope you guys get the win next time!!! Been waiting a few weeks now for you guys to win against a top shit ain't easy man

  12. WHF always loses arranged match ups

  13. sup powerbang. you may have seen me chatting on the stream on the weekend as well. I'm from Immoral Thieves as well and it was great to see a couple of our guys involved in this war. I got a lot of respect for the work you and your guys do at WHF and it was great to be able to watch the war through your stream. So props to you for the fight you posed against WAR and keep up the solid work

  14. Hey PB. Great War man. Thanks a bunch for streaming that war for 8 strait hours. We from WAR all had a great time and we would love to war you guys again soon. I'm sure next one will be a nail-biter!

  15. Good war to both. Good win W.A.R. With that being said, W.A.R. brought in a lot of players from other clans. So was this a fair war? No at all. I'm not complaining, but it should be know this wasn't W.A.R.'s 24/7 lineup

  16. Tried to get into whf2 25/25 heros 3 star attacker.. No reply ?

  17. Hey Chandler here from W.A.R. Just wanted to thank you for putting in the time to make this matchup happen, I know we all really appreciated it and had a fun time! Keep it up man, much respect.

  18. How many of you guys knew WHF was gonna get their asses kicked?

  19. Nice war !!

  20. Long time listener first time caller so to speak. Love your content. Question – both my heroes are at 20. Would you recommend upgrading one to 25 before the other? If so which one? Or would you recommend upgrading them in a lockstep fashion? Thanks and keep the vids coming.