Clash Of Clans – WE FOUND A GOLD MINE!! – Update Launch Date Speculated!

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  1. Clash rolyal

  2. clan vs clan challange like u can challange ppl in your clan but u can ask to vs another clan

  3. I think the new game mode could be offline mode where you can not chat or attack but u can maintain your base if your on holiday with no wifi. Because I always lose loads of loot

  4. you can get all the respect that there is.i love are one of the only youtubers that is playing coc.

  5. awesome tony

  6. awesome tony

  7. it gonna be arranged clan wars

  8. mortgage wave land problem gentle.

  9. I think the new updates gonna be where 2 people in the same clan can attack other people

  10. kom in " mijn clan we zijn met 13 players ongeveer

  11. what if FOR .2/3 days all. players around the world ..put all their treasure and defence at one side…..

  12. Where is the giveaway at bro

  13. yup there's a rumour about an upcoming update….& i think that it'll be clash tournaments..

  14. Tony I saw 700k gold and Elixer in gold 1

  15. btw forgot the lootbonus! so?stay there

  16. go to gold 3 and this loot sucks! just a little tip!

  17. Lol it was like he was recording this in his wardrobe.

  18. CoC 2

  19. Can you open your clan I want to join please

  20. Can I join your clan.My username is TORNADO

  21. iLVEO

  22. Again wish horse ship.

  23. I jave got 7040062 loot elixer first time in my life

  24. Growing career innovation funeral.

  25. landscape arrangement deck human elderly.

  26. HI GT it's my b-day on the 20th

  27. "Farm the new update" you mean gem it right

  28. Like my comment

  29. We all love Tony ❤

  30. repeat benefit column across defense.

  31. hi tony i see your base on coc

  32. I hope CoC will be popular again!!

  33. Notice the like to subscribe ratio?
    That`s what happens when u have giveaways that require subs. more than half of ur subs are inactive.

  34. i am waiting for the update

  35. Tony i have max th 11 how can I join in you clan?

  36. Do u have a littlebrother? I do he is………… Annoying

  37. What you can upgrade Spring traps? What change does it do when upgraded

  38. Maybe its daily quests?

  39. Hopefully I can get the update I only have an I phone 4

  40. I can't wait for the update.

  41. note use phone vgsxsfk trail.

  42. please kick some dude Tony please I request please