Clash of Clans | WEIRDEST GLITCH EVER? | Frozen Archer Queen Glitch

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  1. Queen… Water you doing?

  2. Who else with a iPhone received this message?

    لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ

  3. If she is a frozen archer queen, could we call her Queen Elsa?

  4. The glitch happens when the queen stands on a tesla

  5. Cam I just got attacked by a th 9 CHAMPION with no walls! Lvl 5 BK, Lvl 1
    AQ, and only 1 level 10 cannon. My name is JAYHEYEM From WarRats, this is
    my attackers info: Rita Barbera (username), from Princesos Rosa (clan).
    Check it out I’ve been trying to revenge her for a couple days now but it
    always says player online. Check it out. Thanks.

  6. Did you know about the teleport hero glitch?

  7. Cash for apps didn’t work for me.. I got the email but it was blank

  8. “Almost 300k of Golden Elixir”

  9. cam!!!!
    stop exposing glitches before supercell banns u too

  10. I Have seen this on the youtuber named “Beaker’s Lab”! That’s weird! +Clash
    of Clans with Cam +Beaker’s Lab – Clash of Clans

  11. Any trophy range for town hall 10 farming?

  12. 2:34 Cam why do you have 5000 gems??

  13. Cam scares enemy players like he does girls ???

  14. effective.
    لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ

  15. hi cam if u just reply me i will go crazy

  16. For a guy who is strict with his clan and does some stupid “Purge” shit,
    you fuck up; A LOT

  17. It’s happened to me heaps of times, it’s when the queen stands of a tesla
    in a certain position (they walk around at the start until the stand

  18. U should lower the trophie of ur clan to 1,000 so i can join plz

  19. hey cam i was wondering if i could join your clan it is full but im about
    to go in crystal league and i have been playing clash of clans for days and
    i always wanted to join so i was wondering if you can kick the lowest
    player in your clan and i can join pls if you can ill appreciate that

  20. Lol, your’e name is now camerobro
    It was camerabro?! 

  21. only i cant find a clash of clans to download?

  22. Queen why ur stuck? Ooo…. Your paralyzed 

  23. Is crystal the best league for TH 10 farming?

  24. 6:09, I see what you did there cam…

  25. any max th6 attack strategys? exepct giants