Clash of Clans – WE’RE DONE! “FINAL ARCHER TOWER UPGRADE TO MAX!” On Our Way to a Maxed Base!

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  1. lol.. a level queen 40 upgrade laughing my ass off atm

  2. What song!?!?!

  3. nice

  4. level queen 40 upgrade

  5. Hey witelighthingHWD i am a huge fan of you, what is the song called that starts of the video

  6. Giving one person a coc bot my skype is haddi smith first person gets one

  7. music 1s ?

  8. what do you think about a new kind of loot

  9. CQOTD:IF supercell made a spell to spawn dragons what would u think about it

  10. badassss

  11. what theme this song?

  12. wanna to trade accounts

  13. sup Bruh

  14. since when do walls start costing elixer?!?!

  15. If a new troop were to be made what would it be and what attack strategy would it go by

  16. Why you always lion because you used gems to get gold

  17. you lied you said you don't like geming but you did and I hate you so sad P.S die in a hole plz and don't came back you asshole

  18. For c.o.c if they needed to make a bigger map for all the new structures upon adding new TH levels. The larger map could be made available when you achieve that new level of town hall. This way it does not require a lot of change.

  19. good vid

  20. But if someone downloads coc2, there's no telling whether or not they actually got to th10 or not :/