Clash of Clans – WHAT THE… – Attacks That DON’T Make Sense…

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  1. +Galadon I think he is a fan of you so he dident want you to lose trophies or something maybe he wanted to give you a shield and not loose trophies or he is a fan and wanted to show he could beat you

  2. I think he was helping Galadon on his trophy push.

  3. i think his sister did that or brother did that thats fucked up

  4. He maybe lost Internet!

  5. Good night people

  6. What the…

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  8. So that last guy made a common mistake. They always press the end battle button too early. One way to prevent this is to make sure you have that star before pressing them buttons

  9. Dang

  10. last guy was probably a fan

  11. stupid the sencond attacker should have grabbed that spell factory for extra percentage

  12. What the

  13. I think he did not want to waste his queen like other attackers do, and I am guessing he thought that at the same time he hit end he would get 50%

  14. I think he randomly pressed the end battle button and didn't read what it said so he pressed OK and raged when he realized it was actually the end battle button

  15. peter17$ is better than u

  16. Did anyone see that pekka just die at the top beside the queen? Randomly?

  17. Yo gali gali he meant to do that

  18. Uh guys with the last one he ended it because the barrack should of given him 3 points towards the star and he didn't want to wait for his queen and the barrack only gave him 1 point towards the star when he should of got 3

  19. Well the attacks make sense, they just didn't go to well for them, I don't think ur title fits the video.
    Not everybody is a master attacker, not even once ur a TH10, that's just a number, not my skill in attacking lol.

    Edit: Nice video tough 🙂 tought i add that for the effort you took to show us some more attacks.

  20. he was your